Fishing & Golf Tournament 2017

For the angler dreaming of "catching the big one" and the golfer aspiring to tee-off on one of the best courses in the world, we proudly present our second annual “Marlin Fishing and Golf Tournament 2017” at Danzante Bay. This tournament is for you!

Anglers can reel in the prized marlin fish, making this event a once in a lifetime opportunity.
Golfers can take in the pristine beauty of the surrounding landscape at the Islands of Loreto with a top-notch golf course designed by world renowned golf course architect Rees Jones.
The event is hosted by Villa Del Palmar Resort at the Islands of Loreto, a five-star Baja resort located on the Sea of Cortez.
The tournament will launch at Puerto Escondido Marina, providing a unique first class facility, while offering spectacular views of the mountains.

We welcome anglers with a fun atmosphere, great prizes, daily jackpots for participants, and as an added bonus, you´re also invited to participate and play a “scramble” golf tournament in one of the most unique places courses designed in Baja.

Modes of sponsoring

Deadline for applications: extended until April 22nd.
There are different modalities for sponsorship that offer diverse advantages and benefits for the participant. This allows maximum flexibility when choosing the desired level of participation and visibility in the Fishing and Golf Tournament.
Regardless of the promotional spaces linked to each modality of sponsorship, in order to preserve the spirit and quality of this event, the agenda of the event will not be tied to sponsorship in any case. The design of the program will be made by a team of experts from Villa del Palmar considering the interest and knowledge to be provided for the audience (specially for the representatives of the administration and strategic sectors). Villa del Palmar reserves the right to modify or veto those contents that are considered to deviate from the intent of the event.

Chronological order

Sponsors will have the possibility to choose among the different options that are available, such as stand location, time slot for their promotional spaces or in the VIP lounge, etc., by order of priority of effective sponsorship (identified as the transfer of the associated amount in the bank account established for the event). Villa del Palmar will follow that order when assigning and notifying each sponsor of their requested options or the next closest ones for those cases when the sponsor preferences had been already allocated and were not available.
The conditions and advantages of each sponsoring modality are described below. They are also shown graphically in the charts "Sponsoring modalities," booking of promotional spaces / technological program, and booking of VIP lounge of the documents. The allocation of stand, promotional space or use of VIP lounge will de assigned by chronological order of effective sponsoring.

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