Tournament Rules


Rules, including published rules in print or in the website, are subject to change without notice. Current instructions are given at the Captain’s Meeting for each event, where attendance by at least one team member is mandatory. By entering Fishing & Golf Tournament at Danzante Bay Development 2017 and paying the entry fee, participating anglers, captains, crews and guests (“Participants”) agree to abide by the rules. The Fishing & golf Tournament at Danzante Bay Development 2017 expects the highest level of integrity and sportsmanship from its participants. Refer to Schedule of Events for time and location of Captain’s Meetings.

1. Rules Acceptance
It is the sole responsibility of the participating anglers, captains, crews and guests (“Participants”) to know and abide by the Tournament Rules as published and as amended during the Captain’s Meeting. Participants agree to accept all Tournament Rules and accept that decisions made by the Rules Committee are final.

2. Nature of Tournament
Fishing Tournament at Danzante Bay Development 2017 is a fishing competition. Participants enter at their own risk, and understand the possibility exists that there may be no winners if no qualifying fish are caught.

3. Tournament Start
The official start of each fishing day is a “Shotgun Start” where boats line up and wait for the firing of the start flare. Boats must be behind the start line 15 minutes prior to the Shotgun Start. Any boat not clearly behind the start line at this time is disqualified from the day’s fishing. Boats disqualified for this violation a second time are disqualified from the entire event, and the team forfeits any and all entry money, prizes or prize money. The start line is defined at the Captain’s Meeting.

4. Bait Fishing Prior to Tournament Start
Teams may attempt to catch or purchase bait until 15 minutes prior to the official start time.

5. Fishing Days and Times
July 28tht and 29th, from 07:00 to 16:00
A fish hooked prior to end of fishing may be fought until boated, released or lost provided the team arrives at the weigh station prior to its closing for the day if they have a fish to weigh or release to report. The Rules Committee reserves the privilege of changing starting and ending fishing times to coincide with weather, tides, and improved probability of better fishing conditions.

6. Extending Fishing Time
Fishing time will NOT be extended during the tournament unless ALL teams are included and no qualifying fish have been caught.

7. Weather and “Complete Tournament”
The Rules Committee may cancel any tournament fishing day if, in their best judgment, unsafe conditions exist at sea. Resumption of fishing is announced by 6:00am the following morning on the tournament’s VHF radio channel. A resumption of fishing announcement by the Rules Committee does not ensure the safety of any participant. Whether or not to fish must be based solely on the team’s own judgment taking into consideration the prevailing conditions, the seaworthiness of their vessel, and the crew’s seamanship skills. All attempts will be made to fish as many days as possible, but as little as one day of fishing or any part thereof constitutes a complete tournament. In this tournament, if one fishing day is cancelled, automatically the following fishing day will be considered as “The Tournament”.

8. Cancellation of Entire Tournament
In the event a tournament must be canceled prior to any portion of the scheduled fishing days, the portion of Entry Fees and Optional Jackpot monies that were allocated for cash awards are refunded by check within four weeks to the Team Contact—one check per team. Teams may choose to roll their refund to the following year’s event.

9. No Qualifying Fish Caught
In the event no qualifying fish are caught during the tournament the portion of the optional Daily Jackpot monies that were allocated for cash awards are refunded by check within four weeks to the Team Contact—one check per team. There is no refund of Base Entry Fees. Teams may choose to roll their refund to any of the following year’s events.

10. Hand-Offs Between Vessels
Between the tournament’s fishing hours, no vessel entered in the tournament may be involved in the handing off or receiving of anything from another vessel whether that vessel is entered in the tournament or not, or any other entity of any sort including bait receivers. The Rules Committee may choose to grant special permission in advance to waive this rule if someone’s personal safety or health is at risk.

11. Boundaries and Grid Maps
40 mile radius from host Marina.

12. Communications and Tournament Standings
The VHF radio channels, backup channels and telephone numbers used to contact Radio Control and Tournament Officials are provided during the Captain’s Meeting and in the Team’s information envelope handed out during Registration. Tournament standings are broadcast every morning over the radio, and fish weights are announced as fish are weighed.

13. Species
Marlin and Dorado (Mahi Mahi) are the species selected. If hook up a striped marlin you have to release it. In case, that any team caught a Marlin ( 200 lbs) , the second specie is Dorado.

14. Penalty Points & Disqualification
Any Marlin weight less than 150 lbs. and Dorado weighing less than 15 lbs. are not qualified.

15. Reporting Catch to Radio Control and Official Time
When a Marlin or Dorado is hooked, captains must report to Radio Control the Boat Name, Angler Name, Grid Area and Species. The boat captain must again report to Radio Control when the Marlin or Dorado is lost, released or boated. In addition, Dorado’s still is fought at lines out must be reported to Radio Control. Times are recorded to the whole minute. The time recorded by Radio Control is the official time. Any team member intentionally reporting wrongful information to Radio Control for the purpose of altering tournament standings or results is disqualified from the event, and forfeits any and all entry money, prizes or prize money.

16. Recording Caught Scorecards
Scorecards are compared to radio logs for verification. Scorecards must be filled in legibly and completely, and signed by the Captain indicating they agree to the information as recorded. Instructions are also printed on the scorecard. All captured Marlin or Dorado’s must be recorded on the Caught Scorecard.
You must use a separate scorecard for each day (see Rule #16). Any team intentionally recording wrongful information on the scorecards for the purpose of altering tournament standings or results is disqualified from the event, and forfeits any and all entry money, prizes or prize money.

17. When & Where to Turn in Scorecards
Scorecards must be turned in at the Weigh Station before it closes for the day on the same day the fish was caught. A new scorecard is given to you for the next day. If you did not catch a Marlin or Dorado you do not have to turn in a scorecard.

18. Weigh-In Procedures
Upon the weigh station opening each fishing day at 14:00 fish will be weighed in the order of boat arrival to the weigh station unloading dock. Should more than one boat be at the weigh station prior to opening, the fish will be weighed in the order of their official catch time per the radio control log from the earliest catch to most recent. All fish must be weighed at the tournament’s official weigh station. Weigh station officials will continue to weigh fish for all boats that arrive prior the 16:00.
Additional Rules:
A. ANY Marlin or Dorado brought onboard a boat must be weighed. A fish is considered “onboard” when more than 50% of the fish is inside the boat.
B. Weighed fish become the property of the tournament.
C. A team intentionally mutilating a fish for the purpose of altering tournament standings or results is disqualified from the event and forfeits any and all entry money, prizes or prize money.
D. Fish must be brought to the scales on the boat on which they were caught.
E. Fish to be weighed must be presented to the weigh station on the same day they are caught.
F. The angler must remain with the fish throughout the weigh-in.
G. Before leaving the scales, the angler must verify weight information, sign the Weigh-In form and provide a telephone number where they can be reached.
H. The rod, reel, line, leader, lure and hook(s) must accompany each fish to be weighed and presented to the Weighmaster.
I. Any fish brought to the weigh station may have its mouth sealed closed. However, once the Weighmaster has raised the fish on the scales the angler is asked to remove whatever is sealing the mouth closed and clip any external leader material to the outer edge of the fish’s mouth. Except for artificial lures, nothing will be pulled from inside the fish. Whatever may fall from the fish due to gravity remains out when determining the fish’s weight.

19. Breaking Ties
Ties between the weights of two or more fish are broken by the time the fish was weighed.

20. Release of All Claims
This section must be carefully read by each Participant. In consideration for being accepted by the Tournament Organizers/Rules Committee for participation in Fishing Tournament at Danzante Bay Development 2017 (“the Tournament”), the Participants hereby release, forever discharge, and agree to hold harmless: Viajes Danzante, S. de R.L. de C.V., Administracion y Operacion de Hoteles Bahía de Loreto, S.A. de C.V, the Tournament, Tournament Promotions, and their respective officers, directors, employees, agents, volunteers, partners, members, and/or attorneys (collectively the “Releases”) for any and all losses, claims, or demands of any kind or character whatsoever arising from the negligence or gross negligence of the Releases or from any other cause connected with or occurring during the Tournament.
The Participants expressly acknowledge that he/she has received, reviewed, and agrees to abide by the Tournament Rules and this Release. Furthermore, the Participants expressly acknowledge that activities relating to deep sea fishing are extremely dangerous and involve the risk of serious injury or death. Having so acknowledged, the Participants hereby assume full responsibility for the risk of bodily injury or death due to the negligence or gross negligence

21. Disputes/Protests
All disputes, protests, claims, differences or controversies relating to any aspect of the Tournament, including, without limitation, Tournament Rules, must be submitted in writing to the Tournament Organizers/ Rules Committee no later than twelve (12) hours following the official closing of the Tournament Weigh Station on the day the supposed infraction occurred or are deemed waived. All such disputes shall be decided by the Tournament Organizers/ Rules Committee and shall be final and binding upon all parties.

22. Binding Arbitration
In the event the Tournament Organizers/ Rules Committee cannot render or refuses to render a final and binding decision with respect to any dispute, claim, difference, or controversy under review, the matter shall be resolved by binding arbitration under the commercial arbitration rules of the American Arbitration Association. The decision rendered in arbitration shall be in writing and shall be final and binding upon all parties. The parties shall have no further recourse, except as provided for by the commercial rules of the American Arbitration Association. Once the decision is rendered, it will produce the effect of “res judicata” and the parties shall fully comply with the decision without delay. The Participants specifically waive any right to a trial by judge or jury.

23. Participation
The Participants specifically agree and consent to the use of any photograph, motion picture, or audio recording in which they appear or are heard, by the Tournament, Viajes Danzante, S. de R.L. de C.V., Administracion y Operacion de Hoteles Bahía de Loreto, S.A. de C.V for any purpose whatsoever including, but not limited to, resale, advertising, and promotional material without compensation or restriction of any kind.


1.-The Tournament does not regulate who can be involved on the team’s fishing tackle handling and manipulation, during and after the hook of a fish.
2.-Once a fish is hooked, it must be the possession of an angler.
3.-When a fish has been hooked or caught with more than one line, the team must cut the extra lines.
4.-When a fish has been hooked, other team members can help to remove the rest of the lines as soon as possible.
5.- Once the LEADER reaches the mariner or the swivel reaches the tip of the rod, the angler can receive help, this does not applies to double lines.
6.- To put on board the fish, one or two hooks can be use. Hooks must be use by the team member who helps during the catch.
7.- Only 1 Marlin or 2 Dorado’s can be present at the weight station per team, otherwise teams will fault the Official Mexican Norm MOD-NOM-017-PESC-1994, established by CONAPESCA. You can consult it on the following link:


1.- Not comply with these rules and fishing and team’s regulations.
2.- Leave the rod in a holder during the fishing fight.
3.- Use an extra line or a rope tied to the rod (besides the one placed legally) in order to give extra pull to approach the fish.
4.- Shoot, harpoon or throwing a lance to the fish while the fishing fight is going.
5.- Use marine mammals parts as bait during the tournament’s fishing time, besides the pigs hair on the lures or flies.
6.- The change of the rod or reel, while the fish is hooked.
7.- Add, remove or change a line while the fishing fight is going.
8.- Illegal baits in size and/or class use.
9.- Gain pull force by tying the rod line to any part the vessel.
10.- Caught a fish that hook frees, in a different way rather that fishing it again.
11.- When the rod brakes while the fishing fight is going and is reduced to a minor size than the specified.
12.-Fish mutilation before put it on board, while the fishing fight, either because of shark or other fish bites, marine mammals or propel hits, in a way that penetrates or/and remove skin of the fish. Marks from the line, leader or scars cause by older wounds or physic malformations, are not considered as a motive for disqualification.



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